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Fr, 22 Mär 2019
Die Welt für Menschen, die denken

Quantum Quirks

Optical Illusion
© Akioshi Kitaoka / Perepadia
The amount of movement you see within a static image is indicative of your current stress level. Or so they say ....
Life has never existed on Mars

Life has never existed on Mars
© Grey Bishop
Meanwhile in Moscow
white rabbits
© Serik V.
... Its fleece was white as snow
© Guram Dolendzhashvili
Get ready for the Ice Age
© AP Dmitri Lovetsky
Gentoo penguins
© Daisy Gilardini
Gentoo penguins
Cats snow

Let's go hiking ...
Senecio Vulgaris Seed Head Nikon-Macro-Photo-Contest
© Dr. Havi Sarfaty -
Senecio Vulgaris Seed Head
Marble mine
© Bernhard Lang
Marble mine